Fall is Here! Enjoy it!


October 5th, 2022

I love Fall!  In the blink of an eye Summer is gone and the leaves are starting to float off the trees.  It’s such a magical time of year especially if you’re out walking your dog.  Change is in the air with crisper mornings and darker evenings.  Pumpkins are out in every store and everything just seems to smell good.  Pumpkin spice latte anyone??? Pumpkin peanut butter dog cookies any dog???

Even though it’s a busy time of year for most…stop and enjoy it!  It is perhaps one of the most beautiful times of year here on the Canadian west coast.  All the technicolour of leaves is a painter’s dream.  If you live on the coast you know the rain is coming so get out with your pets and take it in.  Play in the leaves…run around trees and be silly!  It’s good for the soul.

I am busy getting ready for Fall and Christmas markets.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to get out for a walk with Phoebe.  Even when you’re tired at the end of the day it’s just good for you to get fresh air.  Everyone needs a break from routine and tasks.  It’s balance and animals provide exactly that.  They are so special.

We would like to wish everyone a wonderful Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend!   We are wishing you all a healthy and happy weekend with your human and furry families.  We are having a small turkey dinner with all the fixings and of course, pumpkin pie.  If I have time I will make some pumpkin dog cookies for the neighbours dogs.  See recipe link below…


Lastly, Halloween is fast approaching.  It’s a fun time of year to see all the houses getting dressed up!  I personally love it more than any other holiday.  It’s so much fun to watch all the kids on Halloween night wandering around in costumes.  I might even get a costume for Phoebe.  Any advice on what she should be?

If you have a dog that is stressed during the Halloween season I recommend some extra attention and care during this time.  I like to stock up on raw bones and give them in a safe space during fireworks.  I also give her extra attention and love reassuring her that it’s OK.  I know a lot of dogs and cats struggle with this.  There are also many calming natural remedies at your local pet stores that can help.

Well, I need to get back to planning markets so live life large and stop to smell the leaves.  Take different walks in different neighbourhoods.  And make Sunday Funday!  This is Phoebe’s advice.  She is a professional couch potato and has a degree in relaxation and couch surfing.

Woof & Kind Regards

Celene & Phoebe-Bear

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