NO-Vember Take Care…


November 4th, 2022

I write this blog today whilst my youngest human, age twelve, has been home sick with a bad flu.  November is a busy month, but does it have to be?  It’s the time of year when people and dogs tend to get run down due to weather and in our neck of the woods little to no sunshine.  It’s also kennel cough season for dogs too.  So, be sure not to overdo it and take care of yourself.  One thing is for sure if you don’t have your health you can’t look after others.

Back to NO-Vember!  I am the first one to admit to always trying to do too much in a day instead of slowing down and doing less.  We are only in this life for a short time so being present with your fellow humans and furry loved ones is really important.  Taking the time to listen to your kids or snuggle your pets.  It’s a gift! One day they will grow up and not be as cute…ha ha ha!

I also make an attempt to eat healthier this month.  Though I am not perfect in this department!  My biggest challenge is chocolate!  I like to do hardier meals…soups,  stews, and cabbage rolls.  Comfort food if you will.  I am really lucky to have a son that enjoys cooking.  Tonight, I’m making homemade chicken noodle soup with lots of veggies and bone broth.  In the winter months, I also cook a bone broth for the dog with garlic.  It’s made from duck feet and beef marrow bones. Sounds delicious right?  This is especially healthy for dogs with arthritis which Phoebe has.

I recently read an article that suggests NO-vember is a month to quiet your schedule and recharge before December.  It makes sense to me because we need to replenish ourselves or recharge our batteries.  I try to make 1/2 hour to exercise every weekday…even if it’s just a quick yoga class.  One thing I do for myself to quiet my mind.  I do find it really helps to ground me and not feel anxious on busy days.  So, if you feel you are overextended try to do less if possible.  Your mind is a big part of your health.

Lastly, dress warm and smart!  We live in a rain forest so for us it’s time to lug out all the gear including rain pants, jackets, layers, boots and gloves! This also applies to our Irish Wolfhound who has more accessories than I care to admit.  She has two coats, an under and wire hair, so it’s important for her to be dried properly.  Otherwise, it  can lead to hot spots and skin infections.  It takes a good couple hours for her to dry for this reason.  I always give her head and ears a really good towel dry so she doesn’t get an ear infection.

Our walks start out in the pitch dark so a glow collar and flashlight or toque with a head light is really important for safety.  I also like to check her paws when we come in because occasionally she gets burs stuck in her paw pad and they can cause a lot of pain.  Paws can get really dry in the winter months so be sure to give them some tender loving care.  I use coconut oil every other weekend.  Careful though it can make their paws slip on hard floors so best to do this right before bed time.  This way it has time to soak in.

Take Care of yourself friends.  Food is medicine so eat good stuff!  Feed your dog good food.  Give your people a hug and your pets too.  Be kind, be healthy and appreciate what’s in front of you:). Life is full of change and those ordinary moments of eating meals together or snuggling a pet are the very things you will miss one day!

Kind Regards & Woofs,


Celene & Phoebe-Bear

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