Spring Is Itchy Scratchy…

April 5th, 2023

Dogs love Spring!  The flowers are blooming, the trees are releasing pollen and the grass is growing.  All this beauty can have an impact on our beloved pets.  It can be quite a challenge for a lot of dog owners with allergies.  Yes, the more pet owners I talk to the more I realize that allergies are a very common challenge for our furry friends.  Phoebe had such a bad skin reaction that she got referred to a dermatologist.  We discovered she is allergic to trees, grass, weeds, pollen, and the cat.  Phisher, the cat thinks that’s hilarious.

I was shocked that a dog could be allergic to so many environmental things that are part off our every day life.  So, we first tried an elimination diet switching out a different uncommon protein each month.  Phoebe ate kangaroo, venison, and duck.  We feed a raw diet so we concluded that diversity of proteins she did not regularly eat needed to be introduced.  After more investigation with our “Irish Wolfhound” feeding group we discovered that it can also be a problem to feed non organic beef and chicken to dogs that have protein allergies.  It’s also what those animals eat that impact’s your dog.

These days we figure we have it under control, but this season has been particularly bad.  Our miracle item is apple cider vinegar!  It works for relieving dry itchy skin, rashes caused by yeast and poison ivy.  You have to mix it with a 50/50 water solution and put in a spray bottle.  Alternatively, I use it proactively once a week and dip Phoebe’s giant paws in it.  You can even administer it orally and aids in digestion.  So many benefits and you can buy it almost anywhere.  Just make sure it’s unpasteurized and organic.

We also try to boost her immune system during this time by adding a green mineral supplement with spirulina.  We slow cook a bone broth with garlic and add a couple tablespoons to her meat for dinner.  I really love that we are coming into a season of fresher fruit & veggies.  Phoebe loves blueberries, pineapple, lettuce, carrots, apples, zucchini, beets and celery.  I now think more than ever it’s important to add these things to your pet’s diet.

The other game changer for Phoebe is local honey…just a teaspoon a day after dinner helps to boost her immune and helps with allergies.  We like to go to Granville Island and get the “Mountain Flower Honey” boy Chilliwack River Valley Natural Honey.  It is the cutest thing to watch a Wolfhound lick honey off a spoon!  So sweet!!!

We are both wishing you a wonderful Spring.  Eat good, get lots of rest, kiss your pets and enjoy the moment.  Before you know it Summer will arrive!  Time is going by at warp speed and it’s almost time to plan Phoebe’s 7th Birthday party!  Woot…woot! 

Kind Regards & Woofs,

Celene & Phoebe-Bear

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