About the Author

Celene Anne Collison, author of Phoebe-Bear if You Dare_ A Tale of an Irish Wolfhound Puppy With Personality and Her Adventures With Her Crazy Family, children's book


Celene Collison is excited to be the author of her first children’s book about an Irish Wolfhound puppy growing up with an urban family. It’s based on the true story of Celene’s hilarious experience of owning a giant dog.

Celene is an animal advocate and a huge dog lover. She believes animals connect humans and bring a lot of joy to the world. Celene has a marketing background and has been a stay-at-home mom for the past ten years.

After Celene decided to get such a giant dog, the book evolved as a natural passion project. Celene lives in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, with her human and furry family. The crazy household includes her fiancé (Kris), two boys (Karson and Oskar), Phisher (the cat), and of course Princess Phoebe-Bear (the Wolfhound).