Dogs have heart and soul and so much more!  They impact the lives of their humans and insert joy into our everyday lives.  Dogs invoke emotion whether it be happy, sad, frustrated, amused,  emotional etc…. They themselves seem to have an emotional nature at times.  A resistance to listen unless a particularly appetizing treat is involved. An exuberance to get out the door for you when it’s time to walk.  An empathizing look or lean when you are sad.  A drive to work on command or manipulate treats from you.

They have big impact on our health and emotional well being. It’s not surprising they have been companions to humans for tens of thousands of years.  They are always happy to see you when you come home.  It might be a cliche to say that they give you unconditional love.  But it’s so true and when you experience that bond it is rather magical and/or chemical.  When a dog stares at you it releases oxytocin, a hormone related to human bonding.  The benefits are the feeling of relaxation, increased trust and empathy.

In short, dogs make people happy and it’s no wonder people are crazy for these joyful creatures.  Humans and dogs have shared a bond sins neolithic times.  Dogs are diverse and in addition to a companion can work, hunt, retrieve and guard.  The one most compelling reason to have them is they always put a smile on your face. And don’t get me started on watching the bond with your own kids.

I find myself not being able to pass by our Irish Wolfhound, Phoebe, without giving her a loving pet or kiss.  In fact it’s literally impossible for any member of our family to walk past her by with her tail whipping against the wall.  It is instant relaxation and something I look forward to first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening.  Honestly, I probably stop to give her love many times during the day.  Just a glance from her is an instant mood boost.  I never knew a dog could be so uplifting…it’s magical!

Dogs also have a special impact on kids.  A playful nature, curiosity, and sense of wonder as a meeting of the minds bonds child and dog.  If you are lucky enough to observe this as a parent it is one of the most endearing relationships to witness.  I often catch myself in awe and wonder watching my boys coming in the door and heading straight to the dog for a cuddle.  No matter the age this is the bond these beloved creatures have with their young family members. It is pure organic love.

I cherish these days as our girl, Phoebe, is now approaching senior years.  I can’t really express in words how much she has impacted us as a family.  She has brought us together, taught us a lesson in love, responsibility, but mostly pure joy.  Her presence in our house is absolutely wonderful.  It is such a treasure that she has inspired me to write my first children’s book about our adventures with her.  I just delight in photographing and writing about our memories together with our family. 

The impact of a dog on people is pure magic.  It is organic, unconditional, and profound.  We’ve always had cats prior to getting Phoebe.  I didn’t understand the giant ride we were in for.  Though it was a lot of dedication and hard work with hours of training, consistency and love the result is a magical dog with the most loving temperament towards humans.  You definitely get out what you put in.  No dog is perfect and we have learned that over the years too.  She isn’t always great with other dogs.

We take the good with the bad and focus on all the most endearing qualities.  So, if you have the time and commitment and want a companion get a dog.  Just don’t take the decision lightly.  It’s literally like getting a toddler for life, but boy is it giant fun!  Dogs are awesome and I highly recommend them!  They will improve your entire family’s emotional and mental health.  I am witness to it and a better person for having a giant dog in my life.

Woof & Kind Regards,

Celene Anne Collison

Phoebe’s Personal Assistant