Love Is In The Air…


February 9th, 2023

The extraordinary thing about dogs is they love you unconditionally.  There is no judgement and the companionship is consistent and beautiful.  I have been thinking about this a lot lately as Phoebe is approaching seven years in June.  She has truly been a privilege to own and be owned by.  I describe her as a magical giant beast with a heart so big it always leaves a lasting impression on people.  Really, my book is a love story about our family and her.

One thing I strongly believe about our relationships with dogs is that you get out what you put in.  This is especially true with affection, training, feeding, and  the time you take just being with your dog.  Often we rush through our days and sometimes take that time for granted.  So, I say take a lesson from Phoebe and stop to smell the roses or fire hydrant.  Cherish the time with your dog because they are with us for such a short time.

Affection is a funny thing…. Phoebe is almost always the first to receive it in the morning and evening from every member of our family.  This is a beautiful thing to observe.  I love to watch my kids get up and go directly to the dog to say good morning.  I love going down the stairs and hearing Phoebe’s tail loudly “wagging” against the sofa in anticipation of a cuddle.  I love watching my husband come home from work and going straight to the dog for a cuddle.  Affection is good for the soul and it’s good for the dog too.

Affection comes in many forms and there are many health benefits for both human and canine.  Phoebe loves to have her ears rubbed and grumbles in delight.  We call this her “Dog Purr” or “Durr”.  She also loves to be massaged so I often will just sit with her and rub her shoulders, neck and spine.  The most hilarious thing she loves is to have her back rubbed whilst she sits her back end on you and her front paws on the floor.  This seems to be her favourite past time with my husband, Kris.  It’s become an entertaining post-dinner ritual.

I guess my point is a dog’s love is pure.  I don’t know of any relationship where love is this sincere.  Dogs also have the same hormones that humans do.  They go through the same chemical changes during emotional states.  Both dogs and humans release the hormone oxytocin.  For humans this hormone is associated with feeling love and affection.  It can also affect health and wellness.

So, my biggest piece of advice is love your dog like crazy.  It will enrich your lives, bring your family together, create good vibes all around for both humans and hairy ones.  What is that quote…”All You Need is A Dog’s Love…”.  I speak from experience, that Phoebe has brought us an unspeakable amount of joy.  Dog’s rule and cat’s drool:)

Kind Regards & Woofs,

Celene & Phoebe-Bear